Ristorante Frascati
Indulge in succulent Italian food at our Ristorante Frascati.

Delicious Italian dining

Ristorante Frascati is an Italien restaurant at Vesterbrogade Copenhagen where good food and exotic charm are paramount – purely and simply a thoroughly Italian ristorante.

The menucard has vast possibilities of the best Italian dishes, that you can enjoy in good company. Make sure to try them all if possible.

Italian atmosphere and surroundings

Enjoy a nice glass of wine along with your Italian meal at Ristorante Frascati Copenhagen prepared from the best authentic Italian ingredients from the kitchen.

Ristorante Frascati provides a unique and enjoyable dining experience in the heart of Copenhagen. 

Tel. + 45 33 15 66 90



Ristorante Frascati
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